Nunavut Whale Tail Dike

Henry Foundation Drilling Inc was contracted to install a secant pile cut-off wall on a dike to split a lake in half for a mining project in Nunavut.  The wall consisted of roughly 950pcs of 1m diameter secant piles, to a depth of up to 20m, advanced through the dike and socketed into hard sloping bedrock.  HFDI was also contracted to mix and install the Bentonite/grout mixture to backfill the piles to provide the water barrier.  HFDI mobilized Bauer BG30 and BG28 drill rigs, segmental casing, down hole hammers, welding equipment, full mechanical support, 25m3 an hour grout plant, bentonite mixer, bag unloaders, pumps and silo.  The work was performed on schedule and in weather as cold as -45c with wind chill down to -60c.  A tremendous amount of effort was required to prepare for this project and mobilize to and from site to ensure the work was completed within the tight schedule provided.  HFDI was fortunate to work with a fantastic team that included the owner, contractors, and engineers on this project.