Ovation Deep Shoring Project

After nearly a year of tender pursuit HFDI was awarded the Ovation deep shoring system for a new tower in New Westminster. The owner was unable to get their design in budget so HFDI offered a design build solution to reduce the cost, risk, and schedule for the project. This project was especially difficult due to the excavation being below sea level, high artesian pressure at the floor of the excavation, small working space, large boulders with compressive strengths of over 250 MPA, and free flowing water layers in the soils. HFDI selected deep secant piles, high-capacity anchors and corner braces for the shoring design.  Installation tolerances for the piles were very tight due to the depth of the piles and amount of water behind the walls, couple this with the presence of large very hard boulders and HFDI had to work especially hard to complete this project. This project was an immense success, not a single pile was out of tolerance, not a single blemish in the secant wall was found during excavation and all anchors were sealed tight despite high water flow behind the wall.