Continuous Flight Auger Piles

Continuous flight auger piles combine the advantages of driven piles with the versatility of bored piles. This drilling method allows piles to be excavated in a wide variety of soils – dry or water-logged, loose or cohesive – and also to penetrate through low-capacity, soft-rock formations, loamy clays, limestones and sandstone, etc.

No shocks or vibrations are induced when this method is performed. This, combined with modern sound-proofed drilling equipment, makes CFA the most convenient piling method for construction in town centres.

The execution of the pile without decompression of the soil permits us to work close to existing structures. It is much easier to install piles in collapsing soils with no need for casings or drilling slurry.

The soil brought up to the surface is reduced by as much as 50 per cent compared to bored pile excavations. This is due to the auger displacing and compacting the soils as it advances. The result is less excavated material that has to be transported to a disposal site.